How might we help younger people understand how much their stuff is worth?

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The average NZ home has over $116,149 worth of contents in it. But 43% of New Zealanders don’t believe they have enough stuff to make insurance worth it. To help busy people get a better idea of how much their stuff is worth, we created a ‘reality checker’ tool called Tally. Tally reduces the friction of a typical insurance quote by ditching the form and using a stepped-input approach. Each step displays a common household item and its suggested values based on a custom data set. This approach helps users understand what to insure, and how much to insure it for, in an engaging way. Users are 6x more likely to get a quote, 2x more likely to buy a policy, and there was a 19% increase in total contents sales after the launch.

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UX designer

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Creative team, UX designer, UI designer, front-end dev, digital producer

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