My Hooman

How might we help homeless dogs find their forever homes?

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Pedigree’s mission is to end pet homelessness by 2030. But 1 in 5 animals are returned to shelters because they aren’t a good match for their new family. My Hooman is an end-to-end adoption system that puts dogs first. We had to get savvy with the people that work and run animal shelters, which in Aotearoa, are usually volunteers. The amount of administration work using multiple systems required to run a shelter was time-consuming and slow, on top of the actual work of looking after the pups! Off the back of our research, we designed a system that was centred around the 'journey to the forever home'. Shelters workers were afforded an experience that is quick to onboard dogs, helps populate their profiles based on breed and age, suggests common tasks, and pushes the profile to social media for potential adopters to see. Through the customer-facing web app, Potential adopters tell the platform about their lifestyle and habits and are matched with potential pups to adopt. In MyHooman’s first month, over 50% of New Zealand shelters signed up. Within the first few weeks, 590 animal profiles were viewed 33,922 times and 10 adoptions were processed.

My Role

UX and UI design reporting to a UX lead and design lead.

The team

Colenso BBDO designed the strategy, experience, identity and front-end

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